Art Quilters of the Low Country

Award-winning Fiber Artists and Art Quilters

Meet the Art Quilters

Ron Hodge

Ron  Hodge, Fiber Artist,  Art Quilter,  award winning artist

My fiber art evolved from my work with  stained glass and my  passion for combining texture, shapes and color into an artistic creation .  My inspirations come from the beautiful lowcountry where I live, from other artists' works and from galleries and museums as I travel.  


Donna Stankiewicz

Donna Stankiewicz , fiber artist,  art quilter,  painter


I have been ‘creating’ my entire life, it is part of my DNA.  It is always in my heart; it is part of my soul.  

 I create what I enjoy and am drawn to what speaks to me, as the process is part of the fun.

Shaaron Thomas

Shaaron Thomas, Silk Painting, Fiber Artist, Art Quilts


Creating with my hands and imagination has been a lifetime passion – be it painting, needlework or crafting. I am fortunate to be able to recreate the beauty of nature and my surroundings and am continually surprised that others appreciate my efforts. 

Peg Weschke

Peg Weschke, Fiber Artist, Art Quilts, Fabric Collage,  Art Quilter Teacher, Instructor, Speaker,


The people, critters and landscapes of an area in South Carolina called the “lowcountry” are my inspiration. I travel with my camera and then enjoy creating fiber art that captures the unique character and beauty of my surroundings.

Jody Wigton

Jody Wigton, Abstract Artist, Fiber Artist, Art Quilts


Exploring the use of various fibers and other mediums in conjunction with cutting edge technology and equipment has allowed me to open the door to my creativity. Coupled with color and design the possibilities are truly endless. My imagination has no boundaries but time!

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