Art Quilters of the Low Country

Award-winning Fiber Artists and Art Quilters

From Photo to Fabric

Tutorial presented by Peg Weschke at Island Quilter 2017 Workshops

Enlarge, Extract, Abstract

Tutorial presented by Jody Wigton at Island Quilter 2017 Workshop.

The first page is blank - please page down to second page.  Also see the newest video where Jody is demonstrating this technique.  Page down the list of tutorials.  

Ice-Dyeing Tutorial

Jody and Donna show Peg how to ice-dye fabric and we captured the steps to share with you.  

10 Art Quilting Tips and Techniques

From Peg's 2018 Crescendo Presentation at Island Quilters.

Easy and Fun Instructions to create Abstract Fiber Art

Check out this great video by Jody Wigton. Jody explains one of the techniques she uses to spark her creativity and aid in the construction of her abstract art.